Hello Friends,

I decided to start this blog as a form of archive for some of my thoughts and as a medium of sharing life lessons and new opportunities.

By the time I looked at the volume of new things I have learnt in the last four months of my life, I considered starting this blog a worthy investment. I believe this platform will be a repository of opportunities as well and maybe some of those opportunities might be what you have been waiting for, for your next career break.

Another reason for this blog is to see if I can influence a few to make some right decisions that might get them on the path of progress. I could have used my social media platforms, but I have realised that most times it’s difficult to trace some very useful posts on these platforms, I guess that’s why facebook considered showing us past memories.

This blog will be a repository that you can always return to for useful information that will certainly move you forward. Looking forward to impacting you positively.