I was in church last Sunday and the message was centered on Holiness. Then I began to think on the essence of Holiness in the context of Christian Living. The typical Pentecostals believe in Christ’s redemptive work but some would rather say repeatedly, even after giving their lives to Christ that “we are all sinners”. A school of thought believes righteousness is not what we struggle to attain, it is imparted on us once we accept Christ’s sacrifice. In another twist, some say your outward fruit doesn’t matter as long as you believe you have the righteousness of God, isn’t this a contradiction vis-a-vis Christ’s position that a good tree cannot bear evil fruits?(Matt. 7:17,18) If the old testament saints struggled with sin because the supreme price has not been paid, should new testament  believers also struggle like they did?  Many say its just enough to believe that Jesus died for you and immediately you obtain the righteousness of God. As true as that may sound, if that righteousness of God is not manifested in our lifestyle, can we really say we have obtained that righteousness? These are pressing questions begging for answers.

Then I began to dig further. Why should I even pursue righteousness? Some say believers are not in a race to heaven and that they should just live to the fullest while on earth, despite the fact that Jesus said “Strive to enter in at the strait gate”(Luke 13:24) and the great apostle Paul likened us to people in a race and not all that start the race end well. If we will not pursue righteousness for any reason, I think righteousness should be our watchword because it is the Nature of God, who by all means we associate ourselves with as believers.

God gave an express reason why we must be holy in the scriptures. “Be ye holy l, for I am holy” (1 Peter 1:16). You want to live with God in heaven after your life on earth? Then you must be holy. Nothing defiling can enter into heaven because heaven is a holy place. I’ve heard of people not being able to gain entry into higher institution because they didn’t meet the minimum standard, some others couldn’t get into America because they failed to meet the entry requirement. Requirement for living with God is holiness and that’s why Jesus died. “Follow peace with all men and holiness without which no man shall see the Lord. Christ came to restore us to the “pre-sin” state of the first Adam, where there was no corruption. If you lay claim to the grace of God and you are still corrupt, then you have received the grace of God in vain because it hasn’t caused a transformation in your life.

Check what you have received. Has the grace of God appeared unto you and taught you to deny all ungodliness(Titus 2:11,12) or “You continue in sin and say grace covers all(grace abounds)- Rom.6:1. The greatest fool is a self deceiver. What is the Spirit of God telling you now? Don’t silence the Spirit’s prompting, make your way right. Make a turn from that damning, deceptive route and turn to true salvation and Christlike living today. May God’s grace work this out in you in Jesus name.