As I scrolled through my phone on the afternoon of January 19, I found an unusual email in my inbox from the the world’s number 1 citizen, the president of the United States of America. He was already preparing to transfer power to the new president. I immediately started tracing why I should be a target recipient of one of the many personalized farewell emails expected to be flying around the globe at that time in history. I immediately recalled my effort to contribute to social change and how I had tried to do this by associating with the Obama initiated Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI). I suspect the email went out to everyone who has attempted being a fellow on that platform or maybe to those that have ever made it to the interview stage.

My guess was right as reference was made to YALI in the email; I must say I was impressed with the former American president’s proactive approach. There had been concerns as to whether or not Trump will favour Africa in his policies; hence the continuity of the YALI programme was threatened. Although, in my opinion stopping YALI will be one of the biggest errors of a Trump administration as it would mean America would be losing Africa to China forever, YALI would have given America some hope of rejuvenating their waning African interests.

I saw in the email that an Obama foundation had already been founded and I noticed that the objective of the foundation bears a semblance to what the Obama administration was doing with YALI. He had requested that I subscribe to membership of the new community; whether it will be the vehicle for driving YALI in the future or it will serve another purpose, I cannot tell. But I am certain it is the vehicle that will be used to keep Michelle and Barack Obama busy around the globe long after their tenure at the White House.

The focus of this post is not the email from Obama, because as a programmer I can send an automated email in anyone’s name. The focus is on Obama’s proactive migration of followership of one of his key initiatives to a new vehicle/medium. Two key lessons are profound ;

  1. Your dream will only die if you allow it to.
  2. Never leave the survival of your dream to external influences, innovate ways to remain in control.