It’s no longer news that France has a new President-elect, Emmanuel Macron.  The objective of this post is not to break the news but to get you up to speed on some amazing facts about France’s president-elect who is ‘different’ in many ways from his predecessors.  I will also try to extract a few lessons from the emergence of the youthful president.

Fact 1 :

Emmanuel Macron will be France’s youngest President ever.

Fact 2 :

He is married to a 64 year old woman,  Brigitte Trogneux, who was his teacher in high school. Mr Macron is stepfather to Brigitte’s three children – including Tiphaine Auzière, who works on his campaign. He is a step-grandfather of seven.

In April, the president-elect told BMFTV that he decided at a young age not to have any children of his own.

Fact 3 :

He founded the party on whose platform he ran, only about a year ago. 

Fact 2 says alot about how unconventional Mr Macron must have been.

Fact 1 and 3 jolted me.  I had to expand my dreams.  It made me realise that I’m not as close to  maximising my potential than I thought I was.  It charged me up to strive for greater impact and extend my influence. I was re-awakened to the fact that I can do a lot more than I’m currently doing and I put the same challenge to you.

The peculiarities of Macrons differences especially around fact 2 speaks a lot about today’s electorates. They are purely focused on result than anything else.

Conclusively, the fact that Macron was able to win an election on the platform of a 1-year-old party is startling and  I’d like to localise this.  The fear of Nigerian youths has always been about the influence these old political moneybags wield.  But,  I believe the era of status quo political machination is fast fading away, the upset in America is another proof, so is the unseating of the ruling PDP in Nigeria during the last election.  It’s time for Nigerian youths to begin to organise ourselves to produce the kind of change we desire, it’s never too late.

More than ever before,  I key into Fela Durotoye’s vision about raising new leaders that will make Nigeria the most desirable nation to live in by 2025. Nigerian youths can no longer be docile,  more than ever before we must begin to have a voice and arise to shape our country into our desired fantasy.

This is my musing on the French Presidential election.