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Introducing : Code2Earn by D-Pia Innovations


D-Pia Innovations Ltd is a fast growing ICT skill acquisition and technology solutions hub based in Lagos. It’s been over a year and a lot of work has gone into building our business to the desired baseline.No one seems to understand what sort of  ICT training and innovation platform we were referring to, just because they were too used to the popular model.

 We kept on working undeterred towards creating our desired brand. We are not there yet, but today we are a lot closer to where we want to be. Our vision Statement has been a great guiding light.  While interacting with my mentor on one of the business incubation platforms we are privileged to be part of, He was inquisitive about how we would be able to achieve the many strategic objectives we had set out to achieve, he gave a counsel that was worth more than gold,  “Daniel,  at the early stages of the business, focus on the cash cow while you build the other parts of the business  gradually”. The piece of advice gave expression to some strings of similar thoughts that had flowed through my mind that period.  Gradually we moved a step at a time, learning and unlearning along the way.

Today, I announce the launch of one of our flagship training programs – “Code2Earn”.  This program sits at the core of our existence as a social enterprise. In as much as we engage in other services including software development, we are not out just to make money, we are keen on community impact.  This is well articulated in our vision statement – “To drive inclusive ICT skill acquisition and be the leader in technology driven innovation and creative ideas incubation”

Code2Earn is targeted at Adolescents and young adults. From post-secondary students awaiting admission, to undergraduates studying computer science or interested in building mobile/web applications as well as graduates who need skills to increase their market value. Participants will get a final project and have an opportunity for INTERNSHIP, if selected. We retained a 16 year old post secondary student last year, he has since had opportunity to work with our development team on a few live corporate websites and an online store.

There are two paths under this programme ; (i)Website design (ii) Mobile/web Application development(This entails the website design module and more )

The program is heavily discounted so that no youth is deprived of valuable skills for financial reasons. We are optimistic that this program will, in line with the Sustainable development goals, make a significant contribution to raising skilled youths, reduce youth unemployment and serve as a leveler for the middle/lower class(reducing inequality). The programme is starting in Ikorodu and we hope to expand to other locations in the coming months. Classes for new intakes starts on Tuesday, June 13, 2017.

Interested participants can read more and register here.

Like our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/dpiainnovations

Visit our website http://www.dpiainnovations.com



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