I was driving home after work two Fridays ago and was meditating, as I would have  to handle a study on faith later that day. Then I got captivated by a string of thoughts which I later decided to call a “Rhema”. It was a new explanation for a subject I have always known but have not been able to situate it as clearly as it came that day.

The Bible says in Hebrews 11:6  , that without faith it is impossible to please God,  he that comes to God must believe that he is and is a rewarded of those that diligently seek him.  You might have known this before,  but this is how it came to me that day. The Lord told me that the Christian walk is a journey of faith. The best definition for faith is described in Heb.11:1 –  The substance of thing hoped for,  the evidence of things not seen.  At salvation,  you believe that Jesus died for you some 2,017+ years ago, although you have never seen him. In your daily walk you continue to trust him and His many promises. By trusting him,  you get sanctified and baptised in the Holy Ghost. Then you keep trusting him to meet your minutest needs daily according to his promises.

Faith is believing in those promises without a shadow of doubt and living in assurance that those promises must come to pass. But the truth is that for so many people,  they stop walking in faith just after salvation. They profess faith,  but don’t see in their inner eyes, that which they are hoping for. It’s why a believer will be oppressed of a devil – he’s is a faithless and ignorant believer. A child has no access to his father’s wealth until he reaches the age of accountability, when he can understand the implication of his fathers wealth. So,  it is in God’s kingdom. Believers that refuse to grow remain in a state of want until they grow to understand the possibilities of faith. Note that growth referred to here  needs not take months or years unending. 

Another major component of faith asides this knowledge is hope. Separate hope from the Christian faith and you have an empty shell.  A recent research shows that Christian widows tend to live longer just because of the hope derived from the Christian faith. So,  there is a strong connection between the Christian faith and hope. There is a school of thought that tries to separate the hope of heaven from the Christian faith and therefore teach people to just relish in the possibilities of a fuller life brought about by salvation. But the Bible says if only only in this world we have hope,  we are of all men most miserable. Meaning our priority is the hope of eternal life with God. The abundant life on earth made possible through our faith in Christ is immaterial compared to the hope of heaven. Hence,  the joy of believers is rooted primarily in the hope of heaven and that’s why we are encouraged to “Set our affection on things above,  not on things on the earth.

Have you met Jesus ? Have you experienced the transforming power of the cross?  Do you have hope of heaven? Do you live a daily life of faith ? Or you are an unbelieving believer? Think on these things