This post was lifted as-is from Muyiwa Afolabi’s blog. I could have have a few of the learnings as short quotes, but every paragraph was pregnant and pungent. It is a must-read for all.

A growing nation is a productive nation. A productive nation is a nation filled mostly with creative people. Creative people are those filled with uncommon ideas and solutions to humanitarian and societal problems. They always seek superior ways and answers to the need of their fellow citizens and humanity at large. Creative people don’t enjoy or appreciate being confined, as the power of creativity is in that atmosphere of free expression. Many creative people in Nigeria today, are unfortunately restricted, confined and limited. It is largely not the challenge of the environment but a question of choices.

Too many people who ought to be daily birthing great ideas, answers, inventions and solutions to our collective problems in Nigeria have chosen job security over life success. Too many of us, who by now, ought to have ventured into the field of our passion, expressing our God given talent and manifesting our divine endowments for the betterment of our world are hiding  in the shadows of monthly regular income.

We are too afraid to embrace our God ordained destiny, we don’t truly trust God and we don’t believe in His credibility to provide, protect and promote us in the place of our calling, creativity and destiny mandate, hence have traded our birthright for that monthly porridge called salary. We have prioritized financial security over life success, glory and purpose. The temporary hunger in our bellies we’ve rated higher than ordination and calling. We’ve traded our destinies for fleshly preservation and vain security.

Paid employment I assure you is very fantastic, relevant and important, it offers that opportunity to start you off in life financially and also presents the opportunity to learn, grow and get exposed, but believe me it shouldn’t be for a lifetime.

If you’re sensitive to the times and seasons, if you’re curious about why God made you a Nigerian and  brought you forth in this season, you will know it’s because he wants you to also add value to this great nation by contributing all he’s deposited in you to nation building.

All the answers to all the prayers we’ve been offering on the account of our nation have long been answered. These answers we carry within as individual citizens of this country. Unfortunately as a people, we live in denial of the reality of carrying answers within, because we assume what we personally carry is too insignificant to make any form of difference in view of the enormity of our challenges as a nation. We also believe the environment is not enabling enough for great manifestation.

Underrating what you carry within, not seeing its potential for growth and great impact, is the reason many settle for security of food, clothing, shelter and basic bills opting for paid employment all lifelong.

Dear friend, I know you know you’re better than what you are right now in life. I know you know you’re greater and better than this. I know you feel uneasy occasionally about your mediocre choices in life. I know you know the greatness and glory in you is yearning for expression. Sometimes it shows in your expectations and your speeches. You speak like a great person, a wealthy person an influential person. Your heart bleeds when you see the poverty, the pain, the killings, the destruction, the stagnation, retrogression and embarrassment overwhelming our nation. At times you’re angry sometimes you’re depressed. The only reason you’re bothered my dear friend is because you’re a carrier of answers and solutions to the challenges in Nigeria. You’ve been sent by your maker to come solve major problems in this land in this time and season. If you’re not designed for it or destined for it, you can’t feel responsible for it, and the proof you should take responsibility as well is because it bothers you.

Yes, this is your state of mind and your heart cry is for a better Nigeria we can all be proud of. But the true state of your heart cannot be expressed in your actions as it’s your mind that has been empowered to determine your actions and reactions in life. Unfortunately when the mind is powerfully at work, the heart becomes feeble in its true desires.

Rationality naturally frustrates faith, while faith is of the heart, rationality is of the mind.

Many of us have remained victims, insignificant and inconsequential in Nigeria because we want to be reasonable. We want to be logical, we want to face reality, our minds are too active it’s made it impossible to connect with our hearts; our true self, our faith that triggers powerful manifestations.

When you’re too rational, when you’re too objective, when you’re too real you lose your natural powers in life because what is unseen is more powerful than what is seen. And the power of what is unseen is faith that dwells in the heart, not in your mind, you should lean not on your understanding, applying faith from the heart is where your natural power lies.

The greatest conquest in life came from the hearts of men, not from their minds. The men who ignored reality to follow the power of their hearts and faith invented the airplane. It didn’t make sense to the people of old that a metal object that heavy; that mighty can fly humans and cargo for thousands of miles across different continents in magnificent speed, contravening and disregarding the law of gravity. It takes faith and believe in what their heart told them and not the so called reality for the airplane to be invented.

Your cellphone, delivering picture and sound of people thousands of miles away from you on the palm of your hands was not invented by people who loved to face the reality but by those who ignored the reality and followed the picture God deposited in their hearts when he sent them to this world to come and contribute to problem solving and value adding to humanity.

Dear friend, your consistent determination to dwell and operate in the realm of your reality is the reason why you’ve perhaps sold your birthright for basic security of food, clothing, and shelter through a thirty days regular income. Your decision to face your reality that Nigeria is an impossible place to own a successful business is the reason you’re stuck with paltry income and foreigners have come to Nigeria and today run multimillion dollar fastest growing retail store outlet with branches in major cities across the nation, foreigners manage and run multibillion naira satellite television business successfully and the largest telecoms network in this country is also owned and run by foreigners.

I think our minds as Nigerians are too alert, active, rational and realistic it’s become impossible to birth solutions and great inventions the almighty deposited in our hearts, not minds.

We keep speaking faith, praying hard, serving God but living in the reality of what our minds tell us and our eyes can see, not in the revelation we’ve received in our hearts. We pray to God but don’t believe him or believe in him. We choose to walk and act on what we see, and we keep experiencing miscarriages of our revelation and brain child as individuals; as citizens of this great nation.

Dear friend, what is your dream? What is your heart telling you? Do you keep meditating on no light, no water, no infrastructure, poor  leadership, injustice, weak institution, weak policies, your mind is so alert to these your purpose, talent and God given assignment you have buried in the place of income security? Are you a profitable servant of God? Will you deliver on his assignment for you to this Nation Nigeria? I believe we won’t just give account on religion, morality and stewardship on judgement day, citizenship is part of our accountability. Arise o compatriots, Nigeria’s call obey.  About forty million energetic, active, productive but unemployed young people, does this worry you?

The rocket, the satellite, the cell phone, the television, the computer, the airplane, mega cities, war ships and fighter jets were not invented by men who faced reality, but by men who birthed divine deposits according to supernatural purpose and activated faith. Nigeria and indeed the whole creation is waiting for your manifestation my dear friend. Are you still in the blame game? You are better than this, you are more powerful than you assume. Stop chasing vain security, birth your dreams. Don’t sell out to 30, 30 days porridge. Your porridge maker may be seriously on your case, be wise; manifest.

Muyiwa Afolabi is one of the foremost productivity coaches in Nigeria. I listened to his show on wednesday morning on Raypower and had to trace the day’s presentation to his blog, so that  a wider audience could be reached with this salient message. I trust you will act based on this piush. Sincerely yours.